The Handmade Parade 9.28.12

It’s another Friday at There and Back’s Handmade Parade. The best thing about Katie’s linky is everyone understands when progress is slow. Sometimes it’s feels like I’ve worked and worked on something without much to show for it. When I looked at my pile of 1/2″ hexies this morning, it didn’t look much different from a couple of weeks ago. How nice it was to go back and realize that my project had actually grown by a third!

I desperately want to enter the Blogger’s Quilt Festival with this mini quilt. After I finish adding in the strips shown, I think I’m going to lengthen it a bit. Right now my plan is to add three rounds of coal or charcoal for a border (which I’m kind of dreading) and finish it off with a scrappy binding. I don’t know yet what I’ll do for the quilting. Anyway, here’s this progress I’ve made over the past couple of weeks…

The other project I’ve been hand sewing this week is the binding on Leo’s I-Spy/Matching quilt. It is so close and yet, due to my own foolishness, is still going to take a while. I had worked on this quilt all day on Sunday and after I finished sewing on the binding I could feel how close I was. I wanted to finish it so bad and fell prey to the siren song of a machine sewn binding. This despite the fact that I had cursed my machine all day. I jumped in any way and it was a disaster. I did stop after half a side, but since I have been unable to adjust the stitch length on my machine, the stitches are nearly impossible to unpick. Imagine layers of super soft cushy flannel and micro stitches. They were so close together that even the slightest tug ripped the fabric and buried so deep that I have to put reading glasses on top of my bifocals to see them.  Ironically, I stitched done the rest of the binding in no time at all. Lesson learned! Hopefully I will be back to report a finish soon!

Linking up to There and Back’s Handmade Parade.

Edited to add: I can’t resist popping back in and posting the following pictures. When I went back to continue on the binging this is who I found. Sage seems to think I made this one for her!

Apparently Sage doesn’t care that it’s not finished!

“What, you don’t have a problem with this do you?”

“Maybe you’ll feel better after you give me a belly rub or a scratch behind the ear.”

“See, like this.”

She graciously accepted a rubdown as payment for her modeling services. 🙂

8 thoughts on “The Handmade Parade 9.28.12

  1. Nic

    Hehe, yep, our cats do love to jump on fabric, clothes, pillows… And give that, oh but I’m so cute and comfy routine.
    Good luck on the finish, hope you get there with minimal pain and swearing

  2. Anna

    That hexy quilt looks amazing! So bright and scrappy. Also, you have a lovely cat. Mine do the same thing when I leave my sewing stuff out in the living room.

  3. Katie

    Oh, look at you, WITH A BLOG!!! I think what I like best about hand projects, is the pace. No one does handwork expecting a quick finish 🙂 I’m glad I’m not the only one whose cat likes to plop down in their work, mine is convinced I make everything just for her.


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