TGIFF: Leo’s I-Spy/Matching Quilt

It is a rainy day here and I have no one to hold my quilt, but the kiddos are in preschool and I figured I’d better write this post while I had the chance.

I love all the different I-Spy quilts you can find in blogland and considered many patterns for Leo’s quilt. In the end, my long-term love of simple patchwork won out and I began collecting fabrics for his quilt. I was thrilled to discover charm packs and bought Ten Little Things and Meadow Friends. Leo joined me one night as I was laying them out and began matching up the double prints. When I explained that I was making a quilt for him, he was beyond excited, but he wanted to know where the matching squares were of the rest of the prints. With that the idea to do a I-Spy/Matching quilt was born. As a bonus, I didn’t necessarily need to exclude prints without pictures. After we went through my small stash and found all the fabrics that he liked I still didn’t have quite enough to make him a decent sized quilt. Fortunately there was an I-Spy boy/girl swap being held on Flickr, so I signed up for two spots. When the package finally came, Leo’s excitement couldn’t be contained. He loved all the different squares and soon picked out all his favorites.

The monkey fabric on the bottom right corner is Leo’s favorite. He has named the monkey Coconut.

I adore the Freespirit flannel I found on sale for the back. It was so soft, I couldn’t resist using it as the binding too. There will quilting problems, but it’s amazing how quickly those bobbles became a memory once I washed it up and wrapped Leo up in it. The flannel did shrink quite a bit, but I think it made the front puff and crinkle just the right amount. I love that the top has dimension

The very best part of this quilt is all the time Leo sat beside me when I sewed, his excitement when I spread it out and he realized it was going to be a big blanket, his attempts to steal it before it was done (“It just followed me downstairs Mommy”) and his proclamation that he “loves it so much!” when it was finally done.

Sharing with his sister Josie, his “best friend!”

Quilt Stats:
Fabric: Two Ten Little Things Charm packs, Half of two Meadow Friends Charm packs
and Flickr I-Spy Girl/Boy Swap
Back and Binding: Greenhouse Basketweave in Blue Flannel by Erin McNorris
Finished Size: 58.5″ X 71″
Finished Date: October 2012

I’m linking up to TGIFF for the first time today at Better Off Thread

3 thoughts on “TGIFF: Leo’s I-Spy/Matching Quilt

  1. mommarock1965

    I was just searching for I spy blocks as I am going to make a quilt like this myself. I want to be the cool grandma and have a quilt like this for my grand children. I think it will be great when tucking them in to say I spy Winnie the Pooh… and take that time with them to search for Winnie the Pooh. I just have to save up all of the Novelty prints.. and there in is the pain in the bottom. I hope mine turns out to look as wonderful as yours does.. Once I finally save up all of those prints.


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