Make a List Monday: I Can Sew!

The other day I asked Leo a question and he answered me song.  He is such a goofball (though I was impressed that he selected a song that provided an appropriate answer). I don’t know where he gets it. Then again, I’m singing this post in my head because… “I can sew! I can sew! I can sew!”

Which means that this is the last day I’m ever going to complain about sewing machines! I finally had a chance this weekend to put my new machine through its paces and it is positively dreamy. It’s amazing how many of the things I was horrible at fixed themselves with the right equipment. I think I appreciate it even more having struggled with a really poor machine for six months.

Last weeks cutting marathon yielded this…

That’s 360 strips for the Many Trips Around the World, a king size Dream Weaver, enough for two Rainbow Stripe quilts, a full size Magic Numbers, three throw quilts and a table runner. Plus, I snipped several hundred 2 1/2″ squares for various EPPing projects, dug out all my WIP’s, made a list of next steps and completely organized my sewing cabinets. I have one small stack of fat quarters I need to go through for the Many Trips Around the World and Rainbow Stripe quilts, but I simple couldn’t cut another second. I like doing things in phases, but previously I did a weeks worth of cutting at a time. I should be set for the next six months!

Better yet, I was left with this…

These bags are stuffed tight. Fortunately, the Scrappy Stash QAL started up last week at Ellison Lane Quilts, so I knew just what to do with them. I dumped my red scraps and started piecing my improv log cabin blocks. Then decided to go all in and QAYG. I followed this great tutorial  provided by Maureen Cracknell Handmade. I have never done straight line quilting before and was so pleased with the results. It was so much fun whipping these out, I got five blocks completed!

I decided to quilt half of them horizontally and the other half vertically so when I go to put everything together I can alternate directions and not worry about matching up quilting lines. I also cut my blocks to 9″, instead of 8 1/2″ to accommodate the 1/2″ seams specified in the QAYG tutorial.

There is only one thing on my list for the coming week. More monochromatic improv log cabin blocks of course! This one is going to be easy.

Linking up for the first time to Make-A-List Monday.

2 thoughts on “Make a List Monday: I Can Sew!

  1. Sonia B

    That is one organized stack of WIPs. It makes my little OCD heart sing 😉 And what a fun bag of scraps. I didn’t think I had enough scraps, but I’m amazed at what I’m finding for that QAL. Your log cabins looks awesome.


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