You MUST Make a Mess!

Last night my lovely 17 year old daughter decided to take her younger sibs to their dance classes, leaving me alone with Cate and Ava, 7 & 6. Around here two on one is like one on one time. Since these two daughters always get along, it was especially peaceful and precious. They were coloring, so I sat down at the table with my fabric scraps to make more improv log cabins. After watching me for a while Cate asked, “Mommy, if we promise not to make a mess, can we cut?” I immediately answered no and her little face was crestfallen. I continued on, “does Mommy make a mess when she cuts?” Ava pipes up, “You make a really BIG mess!” (the kid gets points for honesty). Back to me, “Cutting things and putting them together in new ways always makes a mess. You can only cut if you promise to make a mess and then clean it up when your done.” Needless to say, after collecting glue, tape and a run to the kitchen for paper plates, this Mommy and her daughters had a messy good time!

My Beautiful Girls

I ended the evening with a lovely stack of pink scrappy improv log cabin blocks. It was a challenge to not think about whether things matched as I was chain piecing. Every once in a while I couldn’t help but make a studied decision. I had to have a few places where fabrics fell next to each other. The block in the upper left corner has two pieces of Madrona Road toward the center that form a small corner with their smattering of flowers. The bottom left has a print from Madrona Road in two colors near each other. I purposely repeated the same fabrics in several blocks. The block on the middle far right is not actually a log cabin. I found myself wanting to over emphasize some design elements. i love the look of a super skinny stripes flanked by light ones. Placing darks perpendicular to each other within a block also draws the eye. I experimented with both clusters of lights and randomly spaced ones. Several blocks were too colorful after the first few rounds, so I intentionally chose pink fabrics to balance them out. After doing so in the center block I changed my mind and decided to add in more colors with the Broken Herringbone as the last strip. The dark DS Quilts fabrics were originally in my purple bag. I pulled them back out when I felt like I didn’t have enough dark value. I am even more in love with the dark pink with light pick swirl fabric. It’s a rare dark pink that isn’t too bright. Unfortunately they are my last few pieces. I hope my LQS still has it, so I can restash! The dark pink Metro Circles, 2 Chicopee magentas and magenta Oval Elements are also big favorites.

The one element I can’t seem to capture is monochromatic. While they’re obviously pink, there are a lot of other colors sprinkled in. I love them anyway and it will be interesting to see how they look once they’re interspersed with the other colors.

This was just the relaxing color play my girls and I needed. And of course, we did clean up our mess!

Edited to add… I forgot to post the picture of my mess. What you can’t see is the two blocks that I lost in that mess of strings. I kept thinking my stack kept getting smaller as I was chain piecing. Oops!

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