Scrappy Stash QAL Update

Dear Husband knows I’m obsessed with these improv log cabins. This weekend, he did well more than his fair share of kid duty, giving me lots of time to sew. Weds I had 15 blocks, now I have 40! I finished my reds and did all of yellow and orange. I’m anxious to get started on my cool colors, so this post will be short and sweet. It’s rainy and dreary here, so the pictures aren’t great. Hopefully I’ll get a couple better shots by Weds.

Forty Scrappy Log Cabins, Quilted and Ready to Go!

All Spread Out
I plan to use a completely random layout, but that was hard to do with only four colors

Looking a little Blah you say?
I’m sure the green, blue, purple and gray blocks will help, but so did this…

I may have lost my mind! Now I just need forty-FOUR more blocks. Plus a back and binding. In two and a half weeks?!?! Two hours until I pick the kids up from preschool. Time to get busy!

Edited to add… Greens done, now purple. Can’t type, must sew!

Scrappy Stash QAL Check-In at Ellison Lane Quilts and
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

11 thoughts on “Scrappy Stash QAL Update

    1. Caryn Post author

      I’m using this tutorial… After you have your top completely assembled (1/2″ seams, pressed open, with corners slightly clipped to reduce bulk), you baste it to your backing then stitch in the ditch between each block. Basically you just end up with a grid on the back. My quilt is going to be big, so I’m a little nervous about how I’m going to fit it through my machine. Since it’s just a straight line every 8″, I hope it won’t be too bad. I’ll definitely report back on how it goes!

  1. Deb

    I’m loving how the giant blocks change the look so much. What a great layout! It must feel great knowing that the quilting is already done too.

  2. Carin

    I really love those big blocks mixed in with the smaller ones. I have enjoyed making a couple scrappy log cabin quilts, but I’ve never used different sized blocks like that. Next time I’ll have to give it a try.


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