Fresh Sewing Day and Friday Felicities: There’s an end in sight…

We’ve had a rough week around here and we’re expecting company this weekend, so there hasn’t been a lot of time to sew. But then I can’t fall asleep due to the anxious thoughts bouncing around in my head, wonder downstairs to arrange a few things and then think maybe I’ll just piece a little more blue or quilt one more block. Next thing I know my Scrappy Stash QAL blocks are all pieced and half are quilted, including all nine of the big blocks.. I’m still a bit weary, but I think this progress counts as a Friday Felicity.

Blocks 71-80 in blue…

and purple makes 90…

Blue and purple 16″ blocks…

All nine big blocks…

These pictures were taken at night. I had hoped to take a few new ones today, but received a surprise visit from a friend and her one month old. Blogging vs. baby fix? No contest. And for those few hours with her little guy in my arms, all was right in the world, which is the best Friday Felicity of all. Linking up for the first time at Lily’s Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day and Felicity Quilts for Friday Felicities.

Wishing Everyone a Happy Weekend!

5 thoughts on “Fresh Sewing Day and Friday Felicities: There’s an end in sight…

  1. felicity

    Awww….this made me tear up. There’s no substitute for the calming effects of Fresh Baby. Thanks for sharing and for linking up to Friday Felicities! That scrap quilt is going to be fantastic!


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