WIP Wednesday: 11.7.12

I can’t believe we’ve circled around to another Wednesday. I can’t believe we’re already to November for that matter. It seems like with the amount of time I spent in October, I should have some finishes. The worst part of working on multiple projects at once, it’s hard to keep things in perspective. If all goes according to plan, I should have several “finishes” in the next 10 days.

Here’s what I worked on this week.

1. Scrappy Stash QAL: While all 99 of my blocks are pieced, I still have 33 more to QAYG. I ran out of batting at the end of last week, but hope to get some in the next couple of days. I am still desperately clinging to the hope that I can get this finished by the deadline. But, that’s a lot of binding to stitch down, not to mention quilting in the ditch between all those blocks to attach the backing. I’m starting to feel doubtful. Either way, I know I will have a completed top to share. It’s my first QAL though and given the amount of time I’ve put into it, it would be nice linking up. We’ll see. More about this quilt can be found here, here, and here. You can find Jennifer’s most recent post for her QAL here at Ellison Lane Quilts.

2. Tula Pink Sew Along: The House of Tula Pink was one of the first quilt books I bought and when the Birds and the Bees came out this past summer, I got a bundle with plans to make a Dream Weaver quilt. I hadn’t made my way around to it yet, when Sara at Sew Sweetness launched her Tula Pink Sew Along. Since I already planned to make this quilt, I decided to push it up my priority list in hopes of getting it done in time. With my log cabins on hold, I started on this quilt last weekend, grateful that a completed top was all I would need to link up. Yesterday, I finished it! Except I didn’t. This morning when I spread it out on my bed, something was not quite right. I hadn’t made a mistake, but was slightly unhappy with the sizing. Several hours later, a lot of quality time with my seam ripper and quite a bit of mumbling under my breath as I sewed things back together wrong, I have adjusted this kind size top by 4 3/4″. I am certifiable!

Oh yeah, I actually didn’t get it all put back together. I was so frustrated by the last row after I ripped, sewed, then ripped and re-sewed the same two blocks, I decided I needed a little breather before I attack the sashing. I don’t have room to lay it out, so the only way I could get a picture was to overlap my five main strips. I hope to have it ironed and stitched back together by the end of the day. In the meantime, I will luxuriate in all those gorgeous colors.

This coming week I’ll continue to hit my log cabin quilt hard. I also hope to squeeze in some time to finish work on a pattern I’m testing this weekend. By the beginning of next week, I’ll have at least one link-ups. Then I’ll be scrambling to finish a block in time for my stop for Travelin’ Pic Stitch the following weekend (fortunately this is already started, but there is still significant work to do). That should leave me just enough time to work on Bee Blocks before Thanksgiving craziness hits. Which means these are my goals for November…

  1. Finish piecing Tula Pink Dream Weaver quilt top
  2. Completely finish Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt
  3. Finish and type up notes for the pattern I’m testing
  4. Finish block for Travelin’ Pic Stitch blog hop and write post
  5. November Bee Blocks
  6. Finish Cate’s Weighted Blanket (just because it really needs to get done!)

Linking up to WIP Wednesday hosted by Svetlana at Freshly Pieced.

2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: 11.7.12

  1. Steph

    I’m in awe of how much you’re able to get accomplished. I’m not brave enough to attempt anything larger than a baby/kid-sized quilt because I have a hard enough time finishing something small! And I totally understand the seam-ripping and re-doing. If something doesn’t seem right and it’s going to bother you I say go ahead and fix it even though no one else will notice. Otherwise it will drive you crazy!


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