Sunday Stash: Going Dotty

The worst thing about being a new quilter is seeing all the wonderful scrappy quilts made from stash and not having a stash of your own. The best thing about being a new quilter is being able to create a stash from scratch. What a great opportunity to make sure that every fabric you sew with is a favorite! As I’ve bought fabrics over the past six months, both entire lines and individual fabrics, I’m beginning to learn what type of fabrics I reach for time and time again. Since I like all things scrappy, I’m all about little bits of a lot of different fabrics. Like most quilters I like having a good stock of fabrics that are primarily one color in different patterns mixed with white. Of course that includes lots of polka dots in all shapes and sizes. When I heard that The Quilt Studio in Omaha was having a fat quarter sale this past weekend, I went with the thought of filling out a few colors in my stash particularly those colors that I didn’t have in polka dots. Knowing they have a large collection of art gallery fabrics, I hoped that I might snag a few oval elements, but really any polka dot fabric would do. Imagine my delight when I came home from this…

At a dollar a fat quarter, I couldn’t bear to leave any of these in the bin. I could just sit and look at these wonderful colors all day. I couldn’t resist playing with a few of them right away. After I finished up a couple flying geese blocks for December Color Bee Shocked, I had to make a few more for my sampler quilt. Ahhhh, polka dots…

I’m still a bit giddy.
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8 thoughts on “Sunday Stash: Going Dotty

  1. Sonia B

    Ah man, now I really wish I still lived in Omaha. What a fun stash build! And a great block too. I love that you’re building a unified sampler from all your practice blocks.

  2. Fiona

    Leaping lizards I am with Marieka – $1 each! And they are all so so awesomely dotty. Oh for a LQS like yours! Thanks for linking up. Pure fabric joy.

  3. Nicole Tarpey

    one dollar?! Great find! I love having lots of polka dots at the ready as well, and have also enjoyed building a stash over the last year. It’s so fun to make your own “quilt personality”.


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