WIP Wednesday: 11.28.12

The Good, The Horrifying and The Stitching

The Good: I had a little bit of a treat over Thanksgiving. What started out as a poorly timed rabies shot, ended up as three days at home by myself. Hubby took the six kiddos to his parents house, leaving me and the animals to our own devises. On Thursday I had a pretty bad case of missing my kiddos, but I bucked up and enjoyed my time alone. I also got my Color Bee Shocked bee blocks done through the end of the year and my November Empower at do. Good Stitches blocks completed and ready to send out.

I still love those pinwheels, especially in this gorgeous color combination. There is a lot of trimming involved, so it is an excellent block to send out for a bee project.

The Horrifying: Then I got some extremely upsetting news that hasn’t left my thoughts since the moment I heard. The precious baby that distracted me from blogging a couple of weeks ago was in the hospital. At only six weeks old that is worrisome in and of itself. But after being there for several hours, his leg was broken during a procedure. Not fractured, but a jagged break. His femur was at a peak in his little leg. Just thinking about it again now, makes my heart hurt. Can you just imagine how his parents feel? Fortunately, they have family and friends supporting them. It’s going to be a couple more weeks before they know for sure how this happened. It is such a rare thing, I’m praying that he doesn’t have a condition that made him susceptible.

The Stitching: By the time my family got home and I had some time to process this news, I was in need of serious stress release. My two big projects require floor space, but after being gone for a couple of days, it just wasn’t going to happen. I have other projects cut and ready to go, but I didn’t want to start another big project before I cleared some WIPs and I really didn’t want to think. I joined a Christmas charm swap on Flickr earlier this Fall, so I decided to pull them out and see what I could come up with. I chained pieced pairs, then four and so on until I had 17 rows of 15. I took a break to lay it out and make sure there were no major problems with where the blocks landed. The 17 rows became eight, then four and finally one. Somewhere along the way they got out-of-order, but no matter. I turned to fabric leftover from cutting my charms for the swap and whipped up some binding. Then dug around in the cupboard until I found a piece of flannel I’d bought for another project that ended up being the wrong color. All that is left is baste, bind, done.

I will never get tired of simple, straight forward patchwork. As a bonus, no marking, pressing, pinning or much thought at all went into the making of this quilt top. By next week, I should have a finished cuddly Christmas quilt to share.

Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

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